Coordinated Care For Cardiac Patients

Gain peace of mind during cardiac emergencies with Corventive Patient, an app designed to coordinate your care when every second counts.

On-the-go Care Coordination

When cardiac emergencies happen, be prepared with an app designed to provide your emergency care team with the latest information from your cardiology provider. Corventive Patient takes the legwork out of emergency treatment and informs on the next-best step in your care based on your most recent care plan. Plus, it’s free! 

Corventive Patient drives coordinated care...

Using location technology, the app activates itself in the ER during a hectic cardiac emergency situation

Notifies your cardiology team so they can better coordinate your care with the ER team

Connects your ER doctor to your treatment plan to avoid duplication or unnecessary hospitalizations

Keep Access to Coordinated Care in Your Pocket

Corventive Patient works with your phone’s location services to recognize when you are at a ER. Shortly after arriving at an ER, you will receive a notification. You will be prompted with several questions to confirm your identity and location. Corventive Patient will notify your cardiologist that you are in the ER so they can coordinate your care. If you are a Chest Pain patient, you will have an easy way to share your cardiac history with the ER team.

Has Your Cardiologist Invited You to Try Corventive?

Download Corventive Patient for your Apple or Android device. Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code for your device and install the app today.

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